What Defines You

What Defines You

Life can be an illuminating journey. As we move through the years of our being, our perceptions take form and are based on our interpretations of events in our lives. Our life takes colours and shades according to the filters that were established by our experiences, thus we live through …Continue Reading

Healthy & Hydrated

Healthy And Hydrated

Summer is a great time to start thinking about the liquids you drink. From water to patio margaritas we often consider beverages to be separate from our actual nutrition. Our hydration determines how we clearly think, how energized we feel and even affects our body’s hunger signals. Most people need …Continue Reading

Are You a Busy Professional Woman? Bust Your Stress with Bio-Energy Healing!

Bio Energy

TO DO TODAY: Meetings, projects, family, friendships, romance, education and professional development, financial planning, personal development, exercise… time for me? An abundant life filled with dynamic interpersonal relationships and circumstances is something to be grateful for. However, managing all these aspects of life in the limited time frame of 24 …Continue Reading

Naturopathic Medicine 101

Welcome to your introduction to Naturopathic Medicine! This is Dr. Briana Peddle, the resident Naturopathic Doctor at Elements Wellness Centre. While Naturopathic Medicine is becoming more and more popular, there is still some mystery and misunderstandings surrounding it’s philosophy and practice. This blog will serve to give you a basic …Continue Reading