Ozzie Kipnes, Reiki Practitioner

Ozzie Kipnes is a Reiki Practitioner Master/Teacher and founder of Light + Feather Reiki who works with humans and their pets (in person as well as via remote sessions) to guide them to a peaceful state of calmness allowing their own healing to take place. In addition, she teaches Reiki Level 1+2 to other energy-seeking enthusiasts in group settings.

Having experienced her own spiritual awakening and deep healing, she has an array of experiences and knowledge to share as she holds space to support and guide those who are ready for their own unique and intimate healing journey.

Ozzie believes that when you give the body the opportunity to relax and vibe high, great things can happen from the inside out. And by being our own inner healers we can nourish our body, mind and soul.

As a mother and entrepreneur, she knows first-hand how stress and negative energies could bring on illness that when unattended and ignored could compound over time. In 2007 Ozzie started with acupuncture treatments and loved the positive results as well as feeling the sensation of energy moving in her body. In 2011 Ozzie decided to try Reiki and after a few sessions, was committed to learning this Japanese relaxation technique (Reiki) so that she can practice it on herself and her dogs.

Ozzie’s Reiki journey has evolved over time and includes crystals and shamanic teachings that have profoundly impacted her on both physical and spiritual levels.

Ozzie is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association and is delighted to offer in-person sessions at Elements Wellness Centre in Kitsilano. As a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner, Ozzie’s passion for working with cats, dogs and horses started when she had her own profound experiences with her dogs, Charlie and Daisy Mae. Ozzie takes a gentle no-touch approach when working with animals to gain trust in order for them to reach a level of calmness where healing can take place. Ozzie is also a certified Death Walker who can offer comfort and dignity when assisting those that are nearing their end of life.

Ozzie is an avid traveller and a big foodie who is striving to make plant-based eating a delight to the senses. Composing music on the piano offers her a creative outlet that maintains balance and harmony. Meditation, yoga, interior design and nature walks with her dog, husband and friends all play an important part in feeding her soul and fuel her love of people and beautiful experiences.