Astrid Kay, Clarity Breathworker

My name is Amanda Astrid and I am Clarity Breathworker, world traveller and lover of life! Since a young age I have been fascinated by people, what makes them tick, and health, whether it be nutrition, exercise, or meditation. Over the years I sustained some traumas which impacted me a great deal, namely the death of my father when I was 24, and later on, sexual assault. I tried counselling and that helped me vent but it didn’t seem to help me heal, I was just reliving the traumas every time I spoke of them. Having hit a wall, I began exploring different healing modalities; some of which were a bit ‘out there’ to me but I figured I had nothing to lose.
I travelled to Peru for 2 months and tried plant medicines, Inner Child Work, Reiki, Theta Healing and Clarity Breathwork. Out of them all, the one that impacted me the most was Clarity Breathwork.
When I went into the Clarity Breathwork group session I had no expectations or knowledge about it. I had just heard someone say that it was ‘amazing’ and I should try it. So I thought I would give it a go. In the first 5-10 minutes or so I got a bit cynical and thought to myself “Okay this is nice, but ‘amazing’ I’m not so sure”. That’s when it hit me, my body started to get this tingling sensation in my hands. Then it moved up into the crown of my head and face. That’s when Hanna, our practitioner, came over and touched my face and I began to weep. Suddenly I had all this profound clarity and this emotional release that needed to come out. It was unbelievable.
Right after the session I knew I needed to share this with others. It’s been an incredible tool for major shifts in my life and understanding the foundation of my belief systems that have shaped my perception.
I also like that it’s natural. We don’t have to use any devices or substances to heal, we have the ability to heal ourselves and that’s empowering. Plus, it’s safe.
Having completed the training I am honoured to be sharing this gift in my home town, and look forward to collaborating with other health professionals to create incredible retreats around the world.
The beautiful thing about finding our own healing is that when we’re doing better, we can then use the energy we used to spend on suffering, for helping others, and having greater joy in our own lives. So, if you’ve had some traumas, or destructive patterns that have kept you in a broken cycle, and you want to transform your life and be able to move on – let’s connect.
I want to help you heal and see you thrive. Let’s crack open that beautiful heart of yours so all of us together can make a massive energetic domino effect to heal the planet.