Ruby Ahn, Certified Thai Massage Therapist

Ruby is an Internationally Certified Traditional Thai Massage Therapist trained in Thailand. Thai Massage is the ‘connective tissue’ of all her studies and skills. Contained within are undertones of Bodymind Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Yin Yoga, creating a truly multidimensional experience. Ruby has a special interest in helping people who are struggling with chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Having overcome these challenges herself through experiencing how the bodymind can heal through a Yin Yoga practice, ignited her passion to pursue more knowledge and skills in Bodywork since 2012. She is particularly fascinated by Connective Tissue and Fascia alongside TCM Meridian science. She intuitively has developed her own techniques of fascial and connective tissue unwinding. This provides instant pain relief, calms the nervous system, increases circulation and range of motion, and so much more. She has had remarkable results with chronic issues such
as arthritis, injuries, headaches, digestive issues, sciatica, frozen shoulder and ITP just to name a few. She also loves working with Pre and Post Natal clients, which is especially helpful if you are planning to have a natural birth. She also loves dogs, music and reading:)

Ruby ‘s passion, intention and goal is to facilitate rehabilitation of the body and mind to reveal one’s highest potential in health and expression. Therefore birthing Indigo Lotus Thai Massage, as she continually strives towards her own.