What Defines You

What Defines You

Life can be an illuminating journey. As we move through the years of our being, our perceptions take form and are based on our interpretations of events in our lives. Our life takes colours and shades according to the filters that were established by our experiences, thus we live through encoded view rather than see life as it unfolds moment to moment.

During our formative years we begin an intricate construction of filters into our spectacles. We start categorizing our diverse life experiences in like-boxes that are infused with wide spectrum of emotional waters. Depending on the event, some may cause deep wounds and shadow material. What defines you in life is not shaped by your life events; challenging or pleasant, but rather what you choose to do with your experiences and how you allow them to shape your existence and way of being. Through development of awareness you can learn what moves you in the world, what is underneath the way of your being. We are not an android, yet we function through a mechanism that is shaped by previous events, thus in essence we don’t experience life as it transpires. If your way of being ceases to fulfill your heart, if you feel that your life is fashioned by a stranger, if you have a sense that you are operating on an old program and beliefs that may be obsolete to the person you are becoming; you can probe into your psyche and explore what lies in the bottom of your subconscious – this is your spirit’s goldmine.

How we choose to view our experiences and how we let them shape us in life is unique to each person. If you had a challenging life-altering event, it has likely affected you deeply and thus influenced your way of being. If you decide to unearth the wounds that formed within you through this experience and transmute them, you generate a possibility to re-claim your inner power and in that space you are able to re-define your way of being as you wish from that moment. The event still happened and you were affected by it, however it ceases to affect your way of being in the world and you re-claim your freedom to be as you truly are, regardless anything that happened to you. I would like to reiterate that whatever may be the event, however painful it may have been, your view of it and even forgiveness, does not absolve the event nor the responsibility from the person that have wronged you. Your change of perception and forgiveness work are for the purpose of freeing your spirit and allowing you to release the power the event has had over your existence. In that way you transmute what has been a dis- empowering event. Only you can decide to re-claim your personal power and define your way of being and what you wish to create for yourself from that vantage point.

This precious journey is arduous and abundant with twists and turns. You can examine your disposition, perceptions, beliefs and principles if they don’t permit contentment and inner peace. You may decide to unveil the story you have been reciting and re-write your script if your current one is incongruent with your present philosophy and aspirations. Through this process of illuminating our deep currents and purifying our wounds, we are able to unveil the beauty of our spirit and sing to the tune of our heart with True sense of freedom.

May you be blessed in the journey you choose, May you have courage to listen to the calling of your spirit to be free, and May you find balance of strength and compassion to go through the changes and unveil the beauty of your Being.

By Dafna Ohana, RCCH