The Benefits of Getting a Massage


Many people enjoy the feeling of a good massage after a long day at work or school. What they probably do not know is how beneficial getting a massage can be. Massages are good for people who want to relieve stress, treat an injury, relax or reduce pain. For whatever reason a person wants a massage, it would be best for a Registered Massage Therapist to do the job. There are certain spots on the body that trigger the area that needs to be treated. The Elements Wellness Centre in Vancouver is popular for their massages and other body treatments.

Massages for the Mind

A Vancouver massage therapist can reduce stress using special techniques. Some common massages used include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Rock Massage, Shiatsu and Reflexology. Massages have also shown to reduce depression, postpartum symptoms and relax the mind. Many spas and wellness centres have aromatherapy and different massage techniques depending on their client’s needs. Massages for pregnant women are also available to ease their mind from pregnancy, improve infant growth and shorten labour. It also improves concentration, increases energy and decreases tiredness in many individuals. Some people even get a better night’s sleep after frequent visits to a Vancouver massage therapist.

Massages for the Body

Millions of people get massages to physically feel better. They may have lower back pain, tight muscles, cramping, spasms, migraines or a sports injury that needs healing. A Registered Massage Therapist can work on these areas and other problem areas to relieve pain. Not only do massages heal, but they can help skin tissue to regenerate, increase circulation in tissues and organs and increase blood flow. The immune system can even get stronger and fight against diseases better.

Massages benefit people of all ages, no matter what health issue they may or may not have. For example, people with arthritis may feel less pain and aches with massage therapy. People with burn injuries do not itch as much and their pain level decreases with frequent massages. Massages have also shown to lower blood pressure. Cancer patients have experienced positive results with massage therapy as well.

Kelli Taylor R.Ac.