Flu Prevention

Flu Prevention

The Flu is a viral infection that we all try to avoid every fall and winter. The fever, body aches, headache, dry cough, and sore throat can knock you out for 1-2 weeks, which not only means feeling terrible, but also means missing work, family gatherings or social events.

Are there natural options to help prevent the flu? YES! By boosting your immune system, you increase your protection against the flu AND against any other bacterial or viral infection that may come your way. Simple and effective supplement, homeopathic and dietary/lifestyle recommendations can give you a winning combination for cold and flu prevention.

What if I’ve already had the flu shot? Is natural flu prevention recommended? YES! The flu shot, while often effective, only protects against the flu viruses that are projected to be around this season, not against any other viral or bacterial infections. Immune boosting protocols helps you fight off any invading bacteria or virus and is safe, even if you’ve already had the flu shot.

I’ve got the flu… what now? There are many things you can do to speed up your recovery time and help manage your symptoms. It is important to have a “Natural Medicine Cabinet” at the ready for when you first start to feel the symptoms of cold or flu. Other treatments like infrared sauna or IV vitamin/mineral injections can help prevent the progression of the flu or speed recovery.

Is there a natural immune boosting protocol that is safe for children or during pregnancy? YES! There are many simple and safe options for any population or condition.

How do I get started?

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Dr. Briana Peddle