What are EFAs & Omega 3s?

EFAs and Omega 3s

What are EFAs & Omega 3s? We probably have all heard that eating salmon is good for you because of the Omega 3’s and the importance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s). So what are these fats and why are they so important for our health? These are indeed the healthy fats. Our bodies cannot manufacture EFA`s as it can other vital nutrients thus making them Essential. Actually, EFA’s are required by every cell in our body to function properly and to be healthy. Food and supplements are how we get these vital fats into our bodies. As well as being an important connection for our cells to communicate with one another EFA’s also are anti-inflammatories. Inflammation is often the common denominator of many of our societies chronic disorders, conditions and diseases. Everything from Type 2 diabetes to obesity to heart disease to Alzheimer’s. Omega 3 is also good for the blood and the circulation system. With the presence of EFA`s oxygen is better transported from the red blood cells to your bodies tissue. In addition, EFA`s act as a natural blood thinner preventing blood clots and reducing the risk of heart attacks.

So what are the best sources for these very important healthy fats? Animal sources are cold-water oily fish such as wild salmon. Be sure to insist on wild fish as farmed fish are generally of poorer quality and are a low nutrient replacement for real fish raised in their natural environment. Plant sources of EFA’s are bountiful. Flax oil and flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds as well as avocados, walnuts, cashews, and chia seeds, commercially known as Salba are all high in EFA’s. Two tablespoons a day is recommended for most people. Any of these plant sources are easy to incorporate blended in a smoothie, tossed on a salad or eaten as a mix with an apple or other fruit as a snack. Learn more about how you can use food to support imbalances and build a strong and healthy body that will be vital and resilient to illness by booking a nutritional consulting session at Elements Wellness Centre.

Shanyn Erben, RHN