Can food cravings and weight gain be linked to allergies?


Giving into food cravings is more than just simply being weak. Craving foods is a sign of an imbalance in the body that often can be linked to allergies and food sensitivities. Certain foods such as refined sugar, refined wheat, caffeine, salt and saturated fats have very intense reactions in our bodies. They create significant imbalances in body chemistry and trick the body into believing that these foods are required for a state of equilibrium or homeostatic balance.

When someone has a food allergy to any of these foods that already cause a homeostatic imbalance in the body it is common to experience addictive eating behaviours and a feeling of withdrawal when the allergenic food is not present. As the body struggles to maintain balance without the unnatural substance it is dependent on it and will begin to cry out for more . This becomes an unhealthy cycle of overeating which quickly can lead to weight gain. Weight gain is often accompanied with decreased energy, increased fatigue, weakened immunity, joint pain, low libido, psychological and spiritual imbalance and host of other ailments.

Sugar, wheat, corn, soy, milk ingredients, salt and caffeine are among the most common allergenic foods and are also among the main ingredients of refined and processed foods. The regular consumption of these manufactured foods are well known to be linked with obesity.

In addition to cravings, overeating and weight gain the natural feelings of hunger become distorted when the body craves salt, sugar, caffeine, fat to feel in balance. Food cravings are very powerful can override the natural needs of the body. Furthermore, our bodies are not able to absorb nutrition from the foods we are allergic to. Even if we are eating healthy foods if we are allergic to them our bodies will not get the benefits.

NAET can help to eliminate food cravings and the addictive eating patterns encouraged by such cravings by eliminating the allergies. By determining one by one what you are allergic to and being treated for those allergenic substances individually you body will start to naturally move toward a greater sense of balance. Cravings will gradually decrease and often disappear completely. Weight often drops off naturally as you feel drawn to healthier foods to eat. Energy increases, sleep is maximized, concentration is enhanced and a higher state of mental clarity is enjoyed when the body is free d from allergies. Our NAET certified practitioners at Elements will get you on your way to a healthier, balanced and slimmer new you.