March – A Month for Nutrition


The Dietitians of Canada have earmarked the month of March as Nutrition Month. I do not belong to this association but I think the idea is great. We could all do with some gentle nudging about our nutritional habits and a bit of guidance on how to improve them. Perhaps by dedicating 4 weeks (any 4 weeks not just March) to focusing on what you are eating and how it makes you feel will prompt making some changes for the better. Some people will further their journey to higher health with this practice while others will just be beginning on this path.

Having high levels of energy, a sense of vitality, healthy sleep patterns, ability to ward off illness and a healthy response to stress are hallmarks of an individual that enjoys a high state of health – optimum health. This kind of health is available to all of us we simply must fill in the pieces of the pie that make it up. “You really are what you eat.” is something I tell my clients. Eating the proper nutrition geared to what your body needs as an individual is one part of the pie of optimum health. Proper exercise is a critical component of a healthy lifestyle. People who have exercised regularly throughout their lives tend to age with greater mental clarity, sense of purpose, fewer physical limitations and extended independence in comparison with people who remained mostly sedentary from youth through to middle and senior ages. We need to just get out and move out bodies a bit every day.

Having a positive outlook on life is yet another piece of the optimum health pie. Setting goals and then visualizing them regularly will prepare you to succeed once your goals are met. The healthiest seniors have shown in studies to be the individual’s with the most optimistic outlooks on life and the ability to forgive misdeeds and move on to more positive endeavors. Nothing really can beat the power of positive thinking.

But since March has now been given the focus of healthy eating let’s think about what you can do to prepare your body to best absorb all the healthy nutrition you are eating. To maximize nutrient absorption the body should be in a relaxed and detoxified state. There is much that you can do to rid your body of built up toxins and Elements offers many services to enhance your detoxification process. Infrared sauna, Ionic Footbath, Lymphatic Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology are among our services that will help shake up and allow for easier release of toxins thus enhancing the body’s ability to absorb the vitamins, minerals and all other components of nutrition that food offers the body. What can you on your own to keep your body relaxed? Practice deep breathing … 10 deep breaths help to put the body in an alkaline state which is also important for nutrient absorption.

Keep working at putting together the pieces of the optimum health pie. Using healthy foods to fuel your body will generate a clean energy to power you through life. Remember that, “You really are what you eat.” and when you act accordingly your body will bless you with health, energy and vitality.

Prepared by Shanyn Erben, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist