Spring Your Body Into Health – Get On a Program!


Spring is the time of openness, renewal, creativity and new energy after a damp cold winter of hibernation! The trees and plants are budding, the birds are singing and we’re finding more time to get outside and enjoy the longer days of sunshine. Spring is also the perfect time to cleanse your body of build up, toxins and excess that may have been accumulated through the winter months. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is the time of the Liver. This vital organ is a master organ as it is responsible for processing everything we eat drink and inhale in our environments. When the liver is bogged down our energy is low and many will find excess weight, fatigue and irritability as problems.

However, clearing up the problem and rejuvenating the body to greater vitality is possible through whole foods nutrition, gentle cleansing and exercise. Through consulting a Holistic Nutritionist, you will set up a program that fits with your needs and will allow you to reach your goals. As every individual is unique in his or her genetic make-up and life circumstance there is no one program that works for everyone.

A Holistic Nutritionist will sit down with you and construct a viable program that will work for your needs and lifestyle, allowing you to reach your goal in the most efficient and plausible way.

In order to be able to enjoy the longer days we must have the energy and vitality to go outside and play! However, if our body is not receiving the nutrients necessary to repair and rebuild itself our energy and health will suffer. Ensuring that you are eating the right foods for your lifestyle and health, and ensuring that your body is properly absorbing the nutrients required for vitality are critical for maintaining health and longevity.

Whether you are looking to slim down, fight fatigue, cleanse the body of build up or change your patterned ways of unhealthful eating, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist will help you make the necessary changes.

By Tova Payne
Registered Holistic Nutritionist