Healing from the Inside Out

Sukhi Bal Clinical Counsellor

We can do all the work to heal our body, but if we carry toxic thoughts and a heavy heart, our efforts will be short-lived. This is why adding a Registered Clinical Counsellor to the Elements Wellness Centre team makes intuitive sense. Sukhi Bal, MEd, RCC comes to the centre with valuable counselling experience, deep compassion and a belief in holistic wellness.

Sukhi provides an empathetic, non-judgemental and safe atmosphere for her clients to discover preferred ways of living and gather insight into their challenges and strengths. She works from the belief that we are all a “work-in-progress,” but every person carries an innate desire to live an authentic and healthy life. Sukhi uses therapeutic conversations to support clients as they increase self-awareness, develop effective skills and coping strategies, and take the steps to achieve their goals. The result is inner fulfilment, connection to others and greater life satisfaction.

Some people may wonder if their issues are serious enough to see a counsellor. While others may feel that their issues are too big to be fixed or resolved. Wherever you are on the continuum, you can be assured that most people do benefit from counselling and therapy. A skilled and compassionate counsellor, like Sukhi, can help move you through a challenging time faster and more effectively than you may have been able to on your own. Additionally, a counsellor has knowledge and objectivity that friends and family may not be able to provide for you.

Sukhi has over a decade of training and experience in the areas of:

  • Depression – Has life lost its pleasure? Do you feel alone and hopeless?
  • Anxiety – Do you find yourself feeling tense and overwhelmed with life?
  • Addiction – Is a substance or behaviour causing negative consequences in your life, yet you are unable to get a handle on it?
  • Relationship Issues – Do you find it hard to communicate or experience conflict with significant people in your life?
  • Emotional Self-Regulation (including Anger) – Do you find it hard to manage your emotions? Do you feel regretful or embarrassed after you lose control?
  • Self-esteem – Do negative thoughts about yourself prevent you from living the life you want?
  • Stress – Do you find it hard to cope with life’s pressures?
  • Grief and Loss – Have you experienced a loss and are unsure of how to heal and move forward?
  • Trauma – Does a painful past experience still impact you in a negative way?