A Detox Treatment that Really Works!

Acu-detox Massage Vancouver

Elements Wellness Centre is proud to introduce this unique and exclusive detox treatment to you. Acu-detox is all about detoxifying the body and skin. This very treatment starts with a detox massage on the abdomen and continues on with cleansing and detoxifying techniques to release toxins from the whole body. A personalized acupuncture treatment is combined with our detoxing techniques and will leave you feeling energized, renewed and rejuvenated.

We are very proud to use UBO| Urban Body Organics “Detox” Hydrating Oil as part of our treatment. This all natural product is made with a custom blend of high quality pure essential oils and contains no parabens, chemicals or dyes keeping this treatment true to a more organic experience.

We recommend drinking lots of water (with organic lemons) afterwards.

60, 90 min: $120, $165

If you are looking for a deeper cleanse…

Add on: 30 minute Ionic foot bath: $25
Add on: 30 minute Infrared sauna: $15
Add on: Both Ionic foot bath & Infrared sauna: $35