Building your Qi with this winter Tea

Ginger Root Tea

Cold and flu season is in full effect. This tea is a wonderful way of building your Qi (energy) during the cold winter months….just remember the key to combating any cold or flu is rest, rest, rest and lots of fluids (hence this tea recipe).

First, boil thin slices of fresh ginger root for 10 – 15 minutes. Add to ginger tea fresh lemon juice and honey, to taste.

Great additions or substitutions to your tea:

  • If you have body aches and no sore throat add a cinnamon stick when boiling the fresh ginger root. (body aches are a sign a cold pathogen has penetrated your body and the cinnamon will help to warm and nurture you tissues and relieve the body aches)
  • If you have phlegm add orange peels when boiling ginger. (the boiled oranges peels especially with the ginger root is a great way to help break down the phlegm)
  • If you have a sore throat pour hot water over fresh mint leaves. (a sore throat is a sign of a heat pathogen and the mint will help to cool it down. Mint is also an aromatic and will help push the heat pathogen out)