Cranial Sacral Therapy & Chronic Disease

Did you know that Cranial Sacral Therapy helps with chronic disease prevention?

Most people seek out cranial sacral therapy (also known as cranio-sacral therapy) for a specific physical issue such as migraines, neck pain, insomnia, TMJ (tight or stiff jaw), tight hips or stiffness in the body. But did you know it is also effective for preventing chronic disease?

More and more studies are linking stress with chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The first signs of stress can show up in the body as tension, migraines, insomnia, etcetera; basically all the things that cranial sacral therapy treats. In working with clients on a specific physical issue I often sense other emotional blocks related to stress. Sadness and grief can show up as tightness or energy blockage in the chest area and lungs. Feelings of being out of control or wanting to control more show up as stomach upset or tightness in the throat causing TMJ. Not feeling safe or worrying about life in general can create tightness in the lower back and sacrum. A fear of not knowing what decisions to make or how to move forward in life often are seen as tight hips or knee pain.

Tuning into the body’s muscles, bones and fascia tissue with cranial sacral therapy lets me know what might be going on in the client’s life that is the underlying cause of the physical issue. I can then assist them in releasing the emotional blockages through visualization, light meditation and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. This emotional release clears the energetic blockages that show up as physical pain or discomfort. The energy and fluids in the body can then move more freely.

Treating the underlying cause of stress that leads to chronic diseases can prevent them from showing up in the body in the first place. If you feel stressed or emotionally overwhelmed and want to prevent chronic disease, give cranial sacral therapy a try!

Sharon Storoschuk is available for treatments at Elements.