Cold Sock Congestion Treatment

Cold Sock Congestion is a wonderful and simple hydrotherapy treatment used to effectively relieve nasal congestion. The best part…your treatment is done while you sleep at night (easy peasy!). No medications! No side-effects! Other benefits to the Cold Sock Congestion treatment is it helps to stimulate the immune system, aids aches and chills and helps with a more restful sleep when you are feeling under the weather. This treatment is great for colds, sore throats, sinus infections, nasal congestion, earaches and flu like systems.

What you need…

  • 2 pairs of socks – one pair of cotton socks (at least 90%) and one pair of wool socks (at least 90%).


  • Soak just the foot part of the cotton socks in COLD tap water and then wring them out thoroughly.
  • You can either have a HOT shower or soak your feet for a few minutes in HOT water (don’t burn them!). Make sure your feet are warmed right up and dry them off.
  • Immediately put on the COLD WET cotton socks, and then over them, put on the DRY wool socks.
  • It is best to go directly to bed and keep the feet covered throughout the whole night. This therapy does NOT work if your feet and your whole body are uncovered (we want you under the covers!).

Doing this treatment correctly (hot feet, cold socks, covered cold wet sock in wool socks and body covered immediately after putting socks on) congestion will usually begin to relieve itself within 30 or so minutes. After approximately 4+ hours the socks should be totally dry, the feet warmer and symptoms much more improved with the possibility of being relieved completely.

If necessary the Cold Sock Treatment can be repeated throughout the night or can be done on consecutive nights. If you are repeating the treatment in the same night or if symptoms start during the night, it is not necessary to warm the feet in hot water since they will already be warm. Simply put on the wrung out COLD wet socks and put the DRY wool socks over them and get back into bed.

Remember: You should ALWAYS consult a qualified health care provider before starting any self-care treatments.