Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a gentle and non-invasive physical medicine that acts on the nervous system by stimulating various areas on the body. This gentle manipulation of muscles, tendons and nerve points works to effectively restore their normal tone and function and treats many other conditions such as infertility, bed wetting, constipation/diarrhea, headaches, etc. Bowen therapy helps to manage stress and is very relaxing.

Bowen therapy is safe for all ages as there are no vigorous manipulations of the body during the treatment. The Bowen practitioner will apply the movements in a series of patterns, leaving the room between each pattern in order to give the body time to integrate and realign. A usual course of treatment involves a series of 4 weekly sessions, followed by a 3 week hiatus in which the body is given time to adjust and assimilate the treatments. A follow up visit after this hiatus is booked to address any lingering issues.

Bowen is an effective therapy for any musculoskeletal injury and for when chiropractic/physiotherapy/massage therapy results have plateaued. It is a deeply relaxing and effective healing modality.

“I experienced improved posture, felt taller, more aligned and balanced” – Bowen Patient

“Bowen improved my back pain and the overall condition of my back and neck. This was noticed by my chiropractor.” – Milan Boskovic

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