Sofi Martinez is no longer with Elements Wellness Centre.

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Sofi Martinez RP-CRA

My name is Sofi Martinez. I am a Vancouver Usui Reiki Master and Practitioner registered with the Canadian Reiki Association. I offer Shamanic Usui Reiki Healing which integrates two practices that nourish connection to spirit and the healing energy of earth. It is an honor to be a Master Reiki Practitioner as I am grateful to share Reiki and support others in their healing journey. It takes courage and love to do so. My journey with Reiki began in 2011 during a major life change. A few years ago I realized that I wasn’t living my authentic path, a path that honored my gifts and my ability to share these gifts with others. I left a promising career as a sous­chef and began my search in spirituality and holistic healing. After studying and practicing foot reflexology, I began studying holistic nutrition. My body at that time was going through a deep cleansing and these events were materializing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My first Reiki Master teacher was a friend who generously offered a Reiki session. I felt great release during and after the session and found space for a deeper form of healing and re-balancing. I understood that I wanted to share this beautiful experience with others and a few months later I began my training. While undertaking an extensive and exhausting search for my life purpose, I soon realized that I was living it, every day, every second. I just needed to step in and commit fully to my path. Reiki is not only a career; it is also a lifestyle and a way of being, and this is what makes it so beautiful. My motivation comes from a desire that my work be an extension and mirror of myself, my own journey and learning. Reiki is this and it feels like a true blessing. My intention is to support others in the healing process in its ups and downs. Ultimately I work to move closer to wholeness, fulfillment, and trust through balance in all aspects of life. My approach integrates wellness counselling & coaching, shamanic techniques, Usui Reiki and other holistic approaches.