Silva Schoenherr is no longer with Elements Wellness Centre.

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Silva Schoenherr, DO(MP)

Silva is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and graduate of the National Academy of Osteopathy (NAO). Her healthcare career started by training to become a physiotherapist in Germany. Silva’s ambition to help people combined with a strong drive to expand her knowledge, steer her towards further education such as completing courses in MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage), TMJ, N.A.P – Reset-the-Brain, Craniosacral Osteopathy, Dorn Method, and the Medical Taping Concept, which come to benefit her osteopathic treatments and approach.

While working as a physiotherapist in Germany, Silva soon realized the limitations that come with the profession. Envisioning a holistic treatment approach, she initiated her training in becoming an osteopathic manual practitioner in Canada. Osteopathic manual practice assesses and treats the body as a whole, while looking for root causes of dysfunction, rather than chasing the symptoms. In her free time, Silva enjoys researching about nutrition, keeping active and spending quality time with family and friends. Silva is available at Elements on Fridays from 10am – 6pm.