Maria Stanciulescu is no longer with Elements Wellness Centre.

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Maria Stanciulescu, Wellness Director

Maria Stanciulescu

Maria came to Elements with the desire to be part of a movement helping people to achieve healthier, more meaningful lives by creating a deeper connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Today, Maria is involved in the day-to-day functioning, scheduling, and coordinating at the centre. You might have noticed her behind the front desk upon your last visit to our centre.

Maria has a strong passion for helping others and has been referred to as an “old soul,” due to her grounded, tranquil nature. She thrives in connecting with others through genuine empathy, support, and understanding. With a background in Psychology, she has experience working as a Crisis Counselor, as a laboratory researcher, and with patients suffering from mental illness. Today, she continues on her quest to give back to society, but in a slightly different light. Of recent, Maria has been applying her focus to understanding what motivates people, keeps them happy, and helps them attain what they want in their lives.

Maria acknowledges that the journey to helping others begins by knowing thyself. She has therefore, taken a keen interest in personal development through the attendance of various workshops and seminars. Maria applies her interests and skills in personal growth by working with the Elements Staff on goal-setting and team-building.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys photography, yoga, travel, listening to old records and riding her bike around town.