Katherine Jackson is no longer with Elements Wellness Centre.

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Katherine Jackson, RMT, Pilates method instructor

Katherine Jackson

Katherine has engaged in developing somatic awareness, experiential and educational, for the past 17 years. She studied 3rd year kinesiology at the University of Victoria before training as a RMT at OVCMT. She is a member of the MTA and CMT.

In the past 12 years as a RMT, Katherine has focused on neuromuscular therapy (trigger point therapy) and NST (Neuro-structural Integration Technique – a variation of Bowen therapy). She is re-known for deep pressure modalities whilst working with sensitivity and intuition.

Katherine’s focus is to embrace a holistic and integrative approach at a personal and professional level. She was inspired to take training under Stott as a Pilates instructor (in reformer, mat, and rehab techniques), and is currently in the final year of certifying as an Integral Coach, through Integral Coaching Canada(TM).

Katherine places importance on body, mind, and spirit in her own personal journey, and to attain and maintain a healthy and fulfilled life.