Asha Swieczko, RMT

Asha has always been drawn to healthcare and healthy alternatives. She strives to treat everyone to the best of her abilities, which are customized accordingly to an individuals needs.

Asha has a diploma from West Coast College of Massage Therapy the 3000 hour program. There she had participated in practicums such as: VGH Burns Unit, G.F. Strong, George Pearson, Royal Columbia Hospital, Royal Columbia Manor, and a year of at the school clinic with patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Asha cherished having been given the opportunity to be exposed to such a vast number of patients. To meet a strong individual work through what was once read in a textbook, had a very powerful influence of how amazing the human body is and how much rehabilitative care can do.

Asha had begun her career treating a wide variety of patients with cases ranging from: common desk syndromes, structural and/or neurological issues, sports massage, post injury care, and of course hyper-toned muscles and taught fascia. In the time that Asha had been an RMT she had attended the 2014 Pain Conference, Dermoneuromodulation course, and received a certificate for Emergency Medical Responder from JIBC. She is eager to learn more and can’t wait for the next set of courses.

The complexities of the human body and the influences of the world upon it, are the reasons as to why Asha finds it important to keep your body in balance and is here to assist you.