Ann Sullivan is no longer with Elements Wellness Centre.

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Ann Sullivan, Life Coach, Wellness Director

Ann Sullivan

After over a decade as a performer and director in the theatre, Ann understands the many facets of the human experience and her expansion into health and wellness stems from her experience and training in both fine arts and wellness, and a lifelong gift for helping others.

Her knowledge of the intuitive and healing arts have grown through her own healing journey, exciting collaborations with other healers and artists, and coaching training with master teacher and coach Janice Smith, author of Era Of the Rebel and Beyond Limited Thinking. Since beginning her practice in 2007 in Vancouver and then Toronto, Ann has seen empowerment coaching help transform the lives of her clients. After a period of healing, clients begin to take responsibility for their lives, their choices and their goals, and begin to move forward with confidence and love.

Ann works intuitively as well as with a deep understanding of the day to day practicalities that are necessary for healing and wellness.

Working with Ann, you will receive personal support as well as tools you can use in your life to sustain change and development. She believes in living with awareness and making choices from a place of self-love and is dedicated to helping others do the same.

Ann has worked with a variety of clients, some with specific coaching goals such as finances, relationships, careers, artists suffering creative blocks, individuals recovering from addictions and people who feel there is just more to life. Ann is thrilled to be joining the incredible team at Elements Wellness Centre and looks forward to meeting you soon.

Individuals, couples, and groups welcome!