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Dafna Ohana, RCCH

Dafna Ohana, RCCH

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself”
~ Galileo

Dafna Ohana is a Registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist (RCCH). In addition, she earned a specialist certification in Past-
Life Regression/Progression therapy through the Weiss Institute.

At an early age Dafna became fascinated with the human psyche and the journey of the Soul. Her beliefs resonated with
unconventional ways of healing, which led her to research and practice various elements of psychology, spirituality,
metaphysics and alternative healing modalities.

Dafna passionately believes that people have an infinite capacity to heal from even the most challenging life events. Her
practice is founded on the core belief that each individual is born with an innate sense of wisdom that can guide them in
their lives.

Western society tends to place a higher value on mental aptitude rather than emotional intelligence and the Spirit. As
a result of this biased value system, there is a tendency to disconnect from our inner Truth and core Essence. Dafna has
learned from her own journey, as well as others, that reconnecting with this source and reclaiming the Spirit is a vital
step in becoming whole Being.

Dafna invites individuals to embrace the possibility of a different, richer existence – one that is founded in freedom
of Spirit and directed by one’s Truth and innate sense of Knowing. She facilitates the individual through this healing
process by creating a safe supportive environment, one that is reflective, free of judgment and unconditionally
accepting. She offers Hypnotherapy as well as Transpersonal Counselling to assist individuals in navigating the terrain of
transition and change we all experience in life.

Hypnotherapy allows a passageway into our inner Essence, facilitating a window of opportunity to explore long held
beliefs and perspectives. In that space, insights emerge which enable us to gain new understandings, review and re-
frame subconscious material with new perception that is in alignment with our Inner Self and resonates with the life
we aspire to create and experience. For further Hypnotherapy information please click here.

Transpersonal counselling is holistic approach that considers the entire person. The integration of the transpersonal
acknowledges that spiritual awareness is an essential aspect to our experience as human beings. When nurtured, it can
transform an individual’s life; leading to a deeper self-understanding, reducing inner conflict, and creating a sense of
purpose and fulfillment. The transpersonal considers the exquisite complexity of growth within our soul. It proposes
that our inner contradictions show us a different dimension to our inner dialogue. When embraced and gently explored,
our false inner division can be relieved and healed. The focus is on self development and attention directed towards the
needs and the wants of the personal to foster awareness, empowerment, growth, healing and a sense of equilibrium.

Working with individuals through such a personal process is both humbling and inspiring to Dafna. She regards her role
as a hypnotherapist and counsellor with the outmost of care and unconditional positive regard for all that seek her
services. Her greatest passion in life is to contribute to the healing of each individual that she counsels.

Dafna completed her Diploma in Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapy and graduated with over 750 hours of practicum.
She is a registered professional level member of the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (ARCH) and is
currently a Director at large of the ARCH Board of Directors.

“He who looks outside, Dreams; He who looks within, Awakens”
~ Carl Jung