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Body Treatments

Elements Signature Massage

30, 45, 60, 75, 90 min $60, $75, $90, $105, $120
** SPA SPECIAL 60 min $60 **

This is a relaxing full body flowing massage using Swedish techniques specifically catered to your individual needs given by one of our trained and certified bodyworkers. This also comes with your choice of our unique blends of essential oils made by our certified Aromatherapist. We use only high quality natural essential oils at Elements.

“Only You” – Personalized Massage with a Registered Massage Therapist

30, 45, 60, 75, 90 min $56, $84, $100, $125, $150
Let one of our skilled Registered Massage Therapists guide your body back to health. Need a lighter pressure? Or prefer deeper work done… just ask and we make sure your massage is just what you need. Our massage therapists are trained in relaxation massage as well as therapeutic massage for different injuries and various illnesses.

Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rarn)

60, 90 min $90, $115
This ancient relaxing and energizing style of bodywork uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines or Meridians to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems. Thai massage will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Thai massage is performed with clothes on for best results, please wear clothing that allows for a wide range of movements.

Hot Stone Massage

60, 90 min $110, $165
**SPA SPECIAL $95 – $140**

Hot stone massage is a Swedish massage using heated Basalt stones to warm the tissues of the body and promote deep relaxation. The stones are placed on specific points of the body to heat the tissues and stimulate blood circulation. The stones are also used to massage the body allowing for a deeper release within the tissues. Hot stone therapy can help reduce aches and pains ease tension and melt restrictive fascia. Perfect for a cold or rainy Vancouver day.


60, 90 min $120, $165
Acu-detox is all about detoxifying the body. Let us introduce to you a very unique Elements treatment that starts with a detox massage on the abdomen and continues on with cleansing and detoxing techniques to release toxins from the body. A personalized acupuncture treatment is combined with our detoxing techniques. It will leave you feeling energized and renewed.

Add on: 30 minute Ionic foot bath: $25
Add on: 30 minute Infrared sauna: $15
Add on: Both Ionic foot bath & Infrared sauna: $35

Elements Body Wraps

Detox & Firming Body Wrap

75 min $142
This detoxing full body treatment replenishes vital nutrients such as vitamins and anti-oxidants back into the skin. Our Seaweed Body firming mask reduces inflammation, cellulite and toxins while improving skin tone and texture. Your skin will look and feel softer and firmer!

Add-on: Mini Facial: 10 min $10; Cellulite Treatment: 15 min $20; Paraffin Foot Treatment: 10 min $12; Infrared Sauna: 15 min $15

Renewal Body Wrap

60 min $109
This treatment is all about deeply hydrating your skin, soothing and improving skin tone. Great for sun burnt skin or skin that is irritated, dry and itchy. The papaya enzymes will dissolve dry skin and reveal smooth healthy skin.

Add-on: Mini Facial: 10 min $10; Paraffin Foot Treatment: 10 min $12; Infrared Sauna: 30 min $15


Renewal Facial (no extractions)

45 min $60
Are you new at facials? This is the best facial to start with if you have never had one before. Suitable for all skin types. Our Renewal facial leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.

Detox Facial

60 min $95
This facial is great for people who have skin congestion such as black heads and acne. It will leave your face feeling soft and looking fabulous.

Rejuvenating Facial

90 min $120
This facial is great for all skin types and will leave your skin looking properly hydrated and feeling rejuvenated. A soft glow will emanate from your face when you leave.

Foot Therapies


30, 45, 60 min $55, $70, $85
Reflexology is a very ancient healing system dating back 4000 years. The oldest known recordings were found in the tomb of an Egyptian Physician. Reflexology is used to relieve stress and create balance in the body by working specific areas and points mapped out on the bottom of the feet. Our signature treatment is intended to not only leave you and your feet feeling relaxed but also connected from the bottom up.

Ionic Foot Bath

40 min $45
Packages of 5 $150 ($30 each)

Paraffin Foot Treatment

20 min $12

Elements Spa Packages

Your Day at the Spa Package

2 hours $140
Relax and let us take care of you. By the time you leave you’ll feel like you’ve been away for a week. Start off with a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session to loosen up those tense muscles, and then enjoy an hour of our Signature Massage. We end this session with a 30 minute Reflexology treatment.

Day of Bliss & Ultimate Beauty

3 hours $285
This day of Bliss & Beauty starts out with a one hour Signature Swedish Massage, then follows with a nourishing collagen facial and ends with an Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation treatment. This ancient treatment will renew the face, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles or soften deeper seated lines as well as restore balance in the whole body.

Detoxify & Rejuvenate

2.5 hours $110
This is designed to eliminate toxins and renew your energy. This starts off with an Infrared Sauna to heat and loosen up those muscles and toxins. Then followed with a one hour Lymph Drainage Massage, end this lovely day with an Ionic Detox Foot bath.

Ultimate Luxury

4 hours $290
This package starts with a 15 minute Infrared sauna to warm up the body and open the pores while leaving you feeling relaxed. Next you will enjoy a detoxifying seaweed body wrap which will nicely blend into your detox facial. This treatment will draw out any impurities in the body and leave your skin feeling soft and glowing beautifully. This session ends with an Elements manicure and pedicure.

Weekend Renewal Ritual

2.25 hours $169
This renewal spa package starts with a 30 minute Infrared sauna, which will open the pores and leave you feeling relaxed. Our renewal body wrap is the perfect way to detox, hydrate and renew the skin. This treatment ends with a Renewal Facial which will leave your face rejuvenated, hydrated and softly glowing.

Ladies Night Out

2.5 hours $113
This package is going to get you ready for your night out. Start off with a Half Leg Wax and Brazilian. End this session with an Elements manicure and pedicure, which will leave you looking polished and ready to take on the night!

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