Bio-Energy Healing

What is Bio-Energy Healing?

Bio-Energy is a system of healing that works at restoring the natural balance of your body through clearing out stagnant or blocked energy that is preventing your body or mind from living in a healthy state. This non-invasive treatment effectively treats symptoms and diseases of the mind, body, emotions, and energy.

Bio-Energy Healing Vancouver

How Does Bio-Energy Work?

When the electromagnetic field that each human emanates, (what scientists have coined the bio-field), is disturbed in any way, symptoms manifest in the mind or body. The bio-field is the blueprint for mind/ body paradigm and informs how we process and assimilate the experiences of our life. The bio-field can be distressed through mental or emotional stress, trauma, injury, or accumulated tension from life’s ups and downs.

What to Expect

In a Bio-Energy Healing Session your bio-field will be cleared to restore the proper functioning of the flow of energy through your body, thus treating the root cause of your health concerns. This is done through a series of specific hand movements/ protocols while you are standing or sitting down. There is minimal ‘hands on’ touch throughout the treatment. You will be asked to remove your shoes, watch and other metal objects.

Everyone feels there bio-field differently. Throughout the treatment you may feel sensations such as heat, cold, tingling in the body, or that your body sways or is moved gently.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The most powerful and effective way to receive Bio-Energy is through a consecutive series of five treatments (ideally once a week for four weeks and then a follow up session approximately three weeks later). If you are curious, you are most welcome to come for one treatment, however for symptoms, diseases or illness I would highly recommend committing to the entire five sessions.

You may notice instant results where your symptoms never return or you may begin to observe more subtle changes that shift over time once the natural flow of energy is restored, thus your health is regained as the body is able to heal itself.

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