Kristin Riley is no longer with Elements Wellness Centre.

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Kristen Riley, RMT

Kristin Riley

Kristin’s past experiences with healing touch, nutrition, herbs and yoga have provided her with a strong understanding of the body and mind connection.

This encouraged her to further study the human body. She enrolled at The West Coast College of Massage Therapy, graduating with 3000 hrs of cumulative experience.

With an intuitive personality and a holistic approach, Kristin has an expanded skill set towards her massage practice. She believes in incorporating passive stretching and hydrotherapy in her treatments so that her clients can achieve optimum results.

Having worked at Greens & Gourmet and Gaia Garden in the past, She is happy to be working on the block again.

Outside of work she enjoys camping, music festivals, biking the seawall, coupon clipping, gardening, dog/house sitting, and practicing guitar and yoga.