Casey Moulton is no longer with Elements Wellness Centre.

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Casey Moulton, Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner

Casey Moulton

My name is Casey Moulton, and I am delighted to offer Bio-Energy Healing treatments at Elements Wellness Centre. I have always believed that every person deserves to experience life with radiant health, and my Bio-Energy training and practice continually confirm that this is possible for everyone. If you want to heal from disease or reach new levels of health, Bio-Energy Healing can help you.

My passion is for holistic healing that focuses on the root of disease to permanently eliminate its symptoms. In 2009 I was sailing from Columbia to Panama when I developed a funny spot on my torso that was diagnosed as ringworm. I eagerly used the oral and topical anti-fungal medications prescribed by a local Doctor, but the spot kept expanding until a flaky red rash covered 75% of my body. I was terrified, ashamed, and heartbroken that it was too painful to swim in the beautiful Caribbean Sea that I had traveled so far to enjoy. After various diagnoses and ineffective prescription drugs with ugly side effects, I came home to Vancouver to see my Family Doctor, who put me on a three month waiting list to see a Dermatologist. Instead, I went to see a Naturopathic Doctor right away. She helped me explore the root cause of the rash, and with her guidance and support my rash cleared up. I felt so empowered with my body’s amazing ability to heal itself! I wanted to help other people discover their own capacity to heal.

While I was still working with the Naturopathic Doctor, I discovered Bio-Energy Healing. At first, I though it was quite strange and was skeptical. But I tried a session, and I felt many sensations despite the fact that the therapist was not touching me. I slept like a baby the night after my first Bio-Energy treatment, and knew I had to explore this healing system further. As I began working with Bio-Energy Healing my food intolerances, lethargy and chronic anxiety disappeared. The physical, emotional and mental changes I have witnessed in myself and in the clients that I have treated with Bio-Energy are profound. Bio-Energy Healing has helped many people heal from physical, emotional and mental illness, and it can help you too!

Casey Moulton completed a diploma in Bio-Energy Healing from Michal D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy in 2012. She began her training with veteran Bio-Energy Healing practitioner and teacher Michael D’Alton in 2010. Casey has spent hundreds of hours giving treatments, and completed a 90 page Case Study on Bio-Energy Healing that found this therapy very effective for treating physical pain, stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and rapidly increasing the healing time of injuries. Casey also has a BA in English from the University of Victoria and a Public Relations Certificate from Simon Fraser University. She has worked in Corporate Communications in Vancouver, and served on the Board of Directors at the West End Community Centre Association. When she is not practicing Bio-Energy or devouring books about natural healing, she loves to travel, dance, do yoga, paddleboard and live life to the fullest!